Thursday, October 13, 2011

Up The Creek Without Paddles...... or Kayaks

Well, the past month of kayaking has been an amazing adventure so far for Robyn and I. Starting this new recreational pastime is taking on it's own Otaku (Thanks Brett) in our lives. Both of us can't stop thinking about getting out there to work on skills and explore the jewel in our backyard (Vancouver Island & The Pacific Northwest) but of course one needs a kayak to do this. We have been fortunate to try out a few different types of kayaks and we have decided after many hours of internet research / reviews as well as first hand test paddling to order a couple of Delta Fifteen 5 Expeditions from Ocean River Paddlesports

We based our decision on stability, durability, comfort, cost and of course.... like anything it has to be pleasing to look at. The Delta kayaks just simply met all our our criteria and the Fifteen5 is perfect for day trips or a few nights camping on the beach. Delta offers a few top deck colors to choose from and I have selected red and Robyn will get a yellow one and no doubt we will swap the hatch covers to accent our boats a bit.

Delta 15.5 Sport's that we used a few weeks back.

With winter setting in we are going to order the kayaks for delivery in mid February and this will give us time to check out different paddle types and other equipment that we might (LOL) want. We have already acquired a number of Scotty Paddlesports safety items and only have a few more items to pick up as well as our PFD's. Christmas is coming and I think there might be a bunch of Ocean River gift certificates for both of us under the tree this year.

In the meantime, we are taking a Introductory Navigation & Marine Weather course next week at Ocean River Adventures to get a better understanding of these skills in relation to kayaking. I have my pleasure craft operators license but being in a kayak needs a whole different knowledge base. So..... now we wait, dream, kayak the internet for about 4 months until the "twins" arrive. :-)

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