Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Haul

Heading into the coming long weekend Robyn and I got the opportunity to borrow (thanks Robin & Liz) a couple of Current Designs 17' Solstice GT & GTS kayaks to try out at Pedder Bay or in the Sooke Basin. So tonight we picked them up and it gave us an opportunity to try out our new Yakima Rack system.

Other than a few minor adjustments the kayaks easily rolled up on the Hullyrollers and because I have the Mako Saddles mounted quite a bit forward, the kayak only required a little assistance to reach them. I knew that having the racks mounted on top of my canopy that I would need a small step ladder to reach the racks or kayaks. Our 2 step ladder worked OK but we will invest in a 3 step model and it will become part of our standard kayaking gear that will reside in the truck.

The tie down straps are self locking and very easy to put on and just as easy to remove and because of the distance between the towers Robin and I decided that I didn't need the bow and stern straps. For long hauls or highway speed I think I will use the bow and stern straps just for that extra little bit of safety factor and the increased warm and fuzzy feeling. LOL  My Robyn :-) and I had no issues unloading the kayaks for safe keeping in the garage and the complete Yakima Rack system performed awesome!! Can't wait for the weekend!

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