Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hook, Line and Kayaks!

Well its' been only just over a month since we first tried (the Hook) and immediately became (the Line) obsessed?, passionate?,  can't stop thinking about it day or night? or is it just being amazed of what have experienced and what the future possibilities could be?

During this time we taken a couple of courses through Ocean River Sports, been out on the water 5 weekends out of 7 and have paddled in polyethylene, thermoformed ABS and composite fiberglass kayaks ranging from 14 feet all the way up to 18 feet. Some have been recreational and some have been touring sea kayaks but all have had the same effect on us to the point that we simply had to get our own sooner than later (and Kayaks).
As we experienced, there are a lot of good, well made kayaks and each have their pros and cons. We factored a number of items in our decision making process but it came down to the feel of the kayak on the water and the cockpit comfort. Of course they also had to look good to us as well and the Delta 15.5 just fit the bill (and the wallet) perfectly.

The folks at Ocean River Sports have been great in assisting us through the purchase process and today we finalized our order. The great news is that Delta have the kayaks in stock which means that we should have them by the middle of next week. In the meantime we are completing the purchase of our personal safety equipment and will figure out what paddles we want.  Excited??? Nah............  LOL

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