Saturday, July 29, 2017

P&H Aries 155 – Really?

Friday July 28, 2017

I recently upgraded my play kayak from a polyethylene P&H Delphin 155 to a composite P&H Aries 155 and something just didn’t seem right with it. Other than the construction of the the two kayaks they do look similar in design but the Aries is considerably more maneuverable, comfortable and faster than the Delphin but there was always something ……..

What's wrong with this picture?
Today I figured it out when we were getting ready to paddle and  my Aries 155 was sitting next to Robyn’s polyethylene Wilderness Systems Zephyr 155. The sterns were aligned perfectly but when I went to the bow ends my Aries extended a considerable distance past Robyn’s Zephyr. Can you picture my face with that look of confusion? OK, I agree that some of you might see the confusion look a lot so stop rolling your eyes. LOL

Both the Wilderness Systems Zephyr and P&H Aries are 155's

Anyway, at first I thought that Robyn’s cheaper plastic kayak must be undersized and actually could be a 15 foot kayak. 

Sidebar #1: In my kayak world when a kayak is identified with the number 155 it means that it is 15.5 feet long. But …. hold on, that’s only my assumption!

Robyn being a smarty pants then said “do you have a tape measure?” and I did the rolling eyes as I walked to the truck thinking yeah I carry one of those around with me all the time. To my surprise inside the hidey hole of the console I found a little white unopened box and I brought it back to Robyn knowing what was inside .. 

The limited edition Hartley's
 Autobody tape measure
LOL ... Yup, a tape measure courtesy of Hartley’s Autobody that I got probably 10 years ago and totally forgot about until I found it today.

Sidebar #2: My buddy Hartley Hughson who owns Hartley’s Autobody retired today …. weird coincidence huh?? 

So anyway, we put the Hartley’s Autobody tape measure to work and sure enough Robyn's Wilderness Systems 155 kayak was actually 15.5 feet long or for those of you who still might be confused that's … 15' 6" long! Now I’m thinking WTH (what the heck) and measured my more expensive composite P&H Aries 155 and sure enough it was 485cm / 191 inches or 15'10.9452"  (so let's just say it's 15 feet, 11 inches to make things easier) so wouldn't that also make it a 159 in kayak numerology? 

191 inches or 485cm would make it 15'10.91" or maybe a 159? LOL

Now I'm thinking this is quite amusing and decided to check out the specs and sure enough the Aries is listed at 485cm in length or 15'9" imperial. LOL Really? 485cm is 15'9"? LOL You try the calculations for yourself.

In any case, I love everything about my P&H Aries 155 no matter how long it's supposed to be because size really doesn't matter. Time to go paddle!

Sidebar #3: The Hartley Autobody tape measure is now a collectors item now that Hartley has retired and so I'm taking bids for it. Shipping and handling are the responsibility of the successful bidder.

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