Saturday, July 15, 2017

Chillaxin at James Island and Sidney Island

Today we decided to just chill and relax or a combination of both known as chillaxin and so we did a short paddle from Sidney over to James Island to set our crab trap. Then it was another short paddle over to Sidney Island where we found a nice quiet sandy beach to have lunch, nap and just chillax. It felt really good to soak up the warm sun and watch life go by.

Robyn hauls the "new and proven" larger crab trap out to James Island

Just a bit of wind against current action crossing over to Sidney Island

Chillaxin! Watching the crab run to our trap. LOL

Time to check what's in the trap.

It's all about location. No dungeness today but a couple of nice size red rock.
Steak and crab for dinner tonight!!

Distance: 7.21 nm (13.35 km)

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