Friday, July 7, 2017

Coastal Fire Warning

It looks like coastal BC is in for a long hot summer and an open fire ban for 2017 has been implemented earlier than usual. This year's ban is over a month sooner than the 2016 fire ban that was from August 17th to September 1st.

Effective July 6th and until further notice, no open fires are permitted and for kayak campers like us this means not having a small fire to cook on or to have at the end of the day. The only exception at this time is the "Fog Zone", a 2 km or 1.079 nm wide strip along the west coast from Owen Point near Port Renfrew in the south to the boundary of the District of Port Hardy. Haida Gwaii is also not effected by the ban at this time.

For cooking purposes, CSA/ULC approved gas stoves such as Jetboil, MSR etc. using either liquid or gaseous fuel with a flame not exceeding 15 centimeters are permitted. For more information check the BC Government link here.

Fines for violating the campfire ban range from $1,150 up to $100,000 for a wildfire that spreads so think twice about where you are before staring a fire.

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  1. We got in 3 days of camping ending on Thurs and got to enjoy the last campfires of this summer. Just one more reason to get in as much early season camping as possible.