Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The New Arrival - Delphin 155

Remember honey when we said we only needed one kayak?? Well, I think we did good going 1 year, 4 months before buying this sweet ride.

I first tried a P&H Delphin 155 at last years MEC Paddlefest and at that time of my kayaking experience I found it to be quite a handful in terms of stability. Sure it turned on a dime compared to my Delta 15.5 Expedition but I just wasn't prepared for where the edge was on the Delphin. Still .... It was the kayak that I really wanted to try and get a hold of since it is being used by many of kayakers that I admire here on the west coast.

They say that patience is a virtue. Sure, we could have just bought a brand new Delphin but I was waiting for that perfect combination of great price and good condition for a used one. Well ... patience paid off big time as I found this Delphin on the WCP Buy & Sell forum at a great price. After a few emails with the owner (Ken Bueckert), Robyn and I headed to Campbell River on Saturday after our Penelakut Island paddle to check it out.

Ken had told me that the kayak had only been used 3 times only in the lake and so we were eager to see what it would look like in person. Sure enough it wasn't just in good condition but in excellent near new condition. It even had the unopened P&H instructions and warranty registration papers in the day hatch. SOLD!!!  We loaded our new ride (notice how I said "our") between our Delta's and headed back to Victoria to finish off a long day.

On Sunday afternoon we took the Delphin to Cadboro Bay christen her in the ocean for the first time. One of the local beach walking dogs tried to take a pee on her bow just before we put in too! We took that as being a good luck sign.

Ready to see what the P&H Delphin 155 would feel like.

Finding the edge. Man this kayak turns on a dime!

Robyn's turn to see what the Delphin feels like.

She loves it!! There goes "MY" Delphin ........ back to the forums to find another one.  LOL

We are both looking forward to playing with Delphin over the summer months. I think it will help us take those next steps in our kayaking adventure as we start crossing items off our kayak bucket list. Next up is an extended Easter long weekend out at Pedder Bay RV Resort and the weather forecast is looking pretty special! ;-)

2013 Paddle # 13 Cadboro Bay
Distance: 3 km  (1.62 nm)
YTD: 130.74 km (70.59 nm)


  1. Lookin good! have fun with her. I am curious what is on your kayaking bucket list?


    1. PO .... it's ever evolving and most of our short term stuff is getting quick attention over the next couple of months. Long term stuff .... haven't really looked at that yet as we never thought we would be so far along in our adventure.