Monday, March 18, 2013

Arrrrgh! Roll, Roll, Roll The Other Way!

Robyn and I spent Sunday evening in the Crystal Pool with other SISKA paddlers working on our rolls. Since my strong side roll is feeling pretty good and reliable most of the time, I decided to focus on the opposite side during this training session. 

With the help of Robyn and Gary Jacek, I got myself into the set up position. After that, it was all downhill from there as I soon realized that the left side of my body is nowhere near as powerful as my dominant right side. Now, most of you are probably saying that rolls are not supposed to be all muscle power but more pure flow technique and I couldn't agree more. But ..... if you are going to miss the technique portion then the muscle power can help big time. Well in my case ... my opposite side was lacking in both departments tonight. After a several more attempts (same result) I simply ran out of steam and decided that was enough of that for my first attempt to master the OFF SIDE!  LOL 

My left hand  paddle blade is supposed to be on the surface of the water not scraping the pool bottom.

We spent the rest of the session working on Robyn's rolls and she is starting to make progress to the point that she can complete a roll without the assistance of a paddle float. For her it is just about putting all the pieces together to make the roll technically fluid. As I explained to her, there will come a time that the little "light bulb" will come on all by itself and the rolls will become natural.

But it all takes time and I'm back to square one on the opposite side. :-)

2013 Paddle # 11 - Crystal Pool Rolling Session
Distance: Zippo
YTD: 104.85 km


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    1. Hey Mike, not really if you know how to do it. It actually is the best way to self rescue in the event of being capsized by a wave etc. But it does take work to figure it out and then several thousand rolls to master it.