Saturday, December 10, 2011

Time Flys By When You're Having Fun!!

Today is a time to reflect on a special journey that we have taken and be thankful for memories that we have shared together. It was a stormy weekend in Victoria back in 1983 when Robyn and I became one and began our lives together.

That special day didn't get off to great start as while my wedding "crew" were waiting at the church we saw Robyn's limo pull up, come to a stop and then bolt off! Well..... that marriage didn't last long. LOL  Turns out that Robyn's dad (our professional photographer) had forgotten his camera equipment and off they went to get the old SLR equipment. Where was iPhone to the rescue back then???  LOL

Our ceremony was uneventful except for my SLR camera with one of those big bulky flash units that my dad was using hit the ground with a smash. Was this an omen about cameras???  Not long after that we cried together as we signed the register and rode off into the sunset to start our journey together.

28 years later we embark on new adventures and we even thought about going for a paddle this morning to celebrate even on this frosty morning. However, time didn't permit as we headed into downtown Victoria this morning to spend the weekend with our "buds" Dave & Kelly. We played tourist today in our own town, wining and dining (Il Terrazo) spending the night at the Grand Pacific. This has actually become an annual event for the four of us as it gives us a chance to check out the Christmas trees at The Empress Hotel, the Teddy Bear auction at the Grand Pacific and new for this year the Ginger Bread House display at the Laurel Point.

28 years and counting. Many more years of paddling together to come!

Downtown Victoria is really an amazing to visit and during the Christmas season the lights turn the night time into a magical place. Didn't bring an old SLR camera with us but this time Dave's iPhone came to the rescue to capture our celebration tonight. Time flys by and we haven't changed one bit huh???

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  1. Indeed, "time does fly when you're having fun" but the depth of its richness is unsurpassed. Happy anniversary Mark and Robyn! D & J