Sunday, December 18, 2011

Not Waiting For A Resolution

After getting all of our Christmas shopping and chores completed earlier in the week we were looking forward to a paddle this weekend however my back decided to throw a wrench into our plans.  So I am "beached" for the next week or so while gradually getting onto my feet again and hopefully the kayak during the Christmas break.

Sometimes it takes a situation like this to refresh one's memory and take action (once again) that will improve quality of life for the future. It was only a few years back that I had similar back issues and I came to the conclusion that the excess hibernation body fat that I was carrying around above my waistline didn't help. I also came to realization that my eating habits were not good and that the short term pleasure of eating crap resulted in long term pain and suffering. Simple things like tying shoe laces became a struggle and as my center of gravity moved higher my balance while hiking or just moving around quickly was effected.  Most of all.... I just didn't feel good.

I embarked on a plan to begin exercising (running), my eating habits changed radically and the results were amazing. I lost almost 40 pounds, ran in a few 8K and 10K events and most of all I felt younger, had more energy, slept better and life was all good. However, the past year or so I kinda fell "out of my kayak" so to speak by exercising less and less while drive-through windows have became more convenient. The worst thing was that I was able to convince myself that the downward slide was OK.  Starting to kayak was only a bandaid solution and even though I feel great after a day on the water, I am only lying to myself that I am on the right track.

This time of year it is common to hear about the up and coming New Year's Resolutions and if you really think about it, it's so sad  how long one of those self promises really lasts. So in a nutshell.... why wait until midnight on December 31st to make a change? 

Is some magical fairy going to cast a spell on you that will  change you when the calender flips from 2011 to 2012??  If I had 1 cent for every New Year's Resolution broken I would be a very rich man in wealth but not in body or spirit.

So....I'm not waiting for that magical time 2 weeks away when tonight is my chance to make a change.  I have decided that I will change things now, survive through the yummy Christmas treats temptations and surge ahead into 2012.  Now all I have to do is get back on my feet again and that will happen later this week cause Santa is coming!

Robyn and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (even if you have to wait until then to make your resolution) :-) Until then... Happy Paddling!


  1. I certainly don't need those bacon wrapped oysters at New Years either.