Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back In The Cockpit Again

It's been a very trying few weeks since our last paddle with all the Christmas festivities and my back taking it's time to come around to the point where I can even think about getting into a kayak again. I guess one thing I have to be thankful for is that I was well prepared for Christmas this year with all of my shopping and wrapping done two weeks early. I have no idea how I would have managed tackling the shopping crowds in the shape that I was in.

So after almost a week of  walking around like Quasimodo, suffering relentless back spasms and not getting results from over the counter medications, I cried "uncle" and asked for help from Robyn. I think she was relieved when I made that decision and her suggestion was to pay a visit to her Registered Massage Therapist since she has had great success in correcting an old running injury. Thank goodness I could hobble to the RMT as getting into our truck was an adventure and getting out just plain excruciating so driving was out of the question.

My new found RMT "Lisa" went to work on me for an hour isolating the epicenter of the spasms and relieved the tension throughout my back. I was totally amazed that after that one hour session I was able to stand up straight and the spasms had ceased although I was pretty sore. Another session 3 days later on Christmas Eve allowed me to enjoy Christmas day activities and press on with our plans of RV'ing through New Year's and maybe getting into the kayaks. Could Fairy Dust be real?? ;-)

We are now camped at Weir's Beach RV Park through New Year's and today it was time to take to the water after a real blowing storm roared on shore overnight. We awoke to overcast skies, almost no wind at all and small rollers breaking on the sandy beach. After a quick breakfast it was time to test out the back prepping and hauling the kayaks to the surf. Aahhh..... there's nothing like getting back on the water again and today was no exception other than taking a roller over the bow before I could get my skirt on. LOL

At this time of year the water is so crystal clear and we explored the coastline heading towards William Head where a tide race was visible. Robyn's keen eye spotted something off our port side and as I paddled closer to it I thought it was toy sail boat but as it grew in size I soon realized that it was the remains of a floating lantern. In Japan, the Toro Nagashi (lantern cruise) is to commemorate those lost in  events and the belief is that it guides the spirit to the other world and the lantern represents their bodies returning to the sea from where we first came from.

I decided that we would take it back to our camp with us and maybe we could light the lantern again later this week and send it back out onto the ocean currents. Where did it come from? Who sent it? We will never know but this simple act of kindness that was sent upon the waves reached us today and just for a moment in time we have become connected in a special way.

Not wanting to push the luck with my back, we headed back to camp after crossing Parry Bay getting a good look at our camp from the water. The forecast is for another storm to arrive tonight but maybe, just maybe we can get on the water on New Year's Eve. You might wonder about kayaking in the winter and the first thought is cold but if you dress and prepare properly it can be a very rewarding experience.

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