Friday, September 5, 2014

That's Not Rain .... This is Rain!!

I love my girl Robyn! It rained pretty hard all day in Victoria on Tuesday, in fact it was a record setting rainfall for September 2nd. I hummed and hawed all day about going out to practice rolling but when the sun came out briefly Robyn said "Let's go". 

Arriving at Gyro Park in Cadboro Bay there was just us and a few other crazy kayakers heading out on the water to practice skills. Sure enough just as we were leaving the shore it started to sprinkle ... HA!

Robyn getting it done!

Our goal for today's practice session was fix some roll elements and the weather was just a minor distraction especially when the bolt of lightning and thunder got our attention fast! Thankfully it was the only "BOOM" we experienced and we went about our completing our goals. 

Someone's pretty happy about her rolling tonight! :-)
Robyn took the lead and completed 3 successful rolls on her own while I stood in the water next to her "hands off" as she put it all together. SWEEEET! 

I then practiced several non set up rolls on both sides and although I failed a few on the first attempt I reset up and completed the roll. Mission accomplished for both of us!

On the way back to the put in we practiced some towing skills to finish off our practice session. An awesome evening paddle in just a shower. :-)

Hummm .... never paddled in snow storm. Next weather bucket list item.

2014 Paddle # 39 Practice Time
Distance: Zippo! nm (Nada! km)
YTD: 235.02 nm (435.25 km)

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