Sunday, September 14, 2014

Now It's Time To Put It All Together

“Ble, Ble, Ble, That’s All Folks!” and now it's down to doing it for real. We finished our last practice session today at Willows Beach before heading to the Deer Group on Thursday morning to test our skill set on a Paddle Canada Level 3 course with Cowichan Bay Kayaks.

The last time I felt like this was when I was flying radio control precision aerobatics and heading to fly for Canada at the world championships. Anticipation, anxiety and excitement with just a tiny bit of nerves to just get it done. We can only hope that all the paddles, kayak camping trips and hours of practice that we have put in over the past 3 years have paid off for what lies ahead this week. 

We are both feeling pretty good about our skills with only the rolling elements being of minor concern. Either we will have it or we won't but one thing for sure is that over the 5 day course we sure are going to try and make sure it works. It doesn't matter how the roll looks as long as we get out of the water. Easy right?

This will be our last post until we return and thanks to all of you for reading our adventures up to this point. We are sure that the next post(s) about the course will be worth reading until then .....

Ble, Ble, Ble, That’s All Folks!

2014 Paddle # 42 Practice Time (Again!)
Distance: Zippo! nm (Nada! km)
YTD: 235.02 nm (435.25 km)