Monday, June 16, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect .... Or At Least Better!

Launching at low tide in Telegraph Bay.

Goal number one ...... get wet! That meant it was practice time as Robyn and I headed to Telegraph Bay on Sunday to work on some high brace, edging, turning strokes, rolling and static bracing skills. Other than my GoPro I decided not to take my waterproof point and shoot because I figured we wouldn't need it. Robyn had hers but we really didn't plan on taking any pictures since we would be under the water a bit.

Heading to Cadboro Point

We did go for a little warm up paddle to Cadboro Point to see what was happening around the islets in hopes of doing a little rock gardening. But ... there was no water! 

At high tide there is a river of water running through here to practice in. Not today though.

We headed back to Telegraph Bay and did some static bracing using paddle floats while we focused on getting our torso square to the cockpit. This is where yoga really comes in handy and we quickly realized that we need to do more of it. 

A static brace is a great way to rest while

Robyn is a natural at it

While we were busy practicing we heard a little kid on the beach yell "Whales" and sure enough behind us a pod of orca with a calf swam past us. By the time we got turned around they had moved south of the bay towards Cadboro Point, and me without my camera! So cool regardless and a great way to end the practice session. 

2014 Paddle #17  Telegraph Bay Practice
Distance: 3.09 nm (5.72 km)
YTD: 80.91 nm (150.76 km)

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