Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mid Week Playtime

Summer time means late afternoon paddle fun so I headed off to Cadboro Bay with Gary and Jane Jacek on Tuesday evening for a little paddle around Cadboro Point. For Jane this was her first paddle in some time as she is a full time teacher and recently completed her graduate diploma. Now it's time for her to unwind a bit and get back on the water. Robyn and I will be joining Jane and Gary in a couple of weeks when we head to the Bunsby Islands for 11 days.

Gary assists Jane to get her foot pegs adjusted.

We headed to Cadboro Point and played in the currents as the ebb was just starting to pick up. I decided to leave some P&H (Lava) Delphin on some of the rocks when I managed to get hung upon one in the midst of a turn. That's what plastic kayaks are for anyway .... having fun rock gardening!

Gary photo bombs .... again LOL

Jane heading back through Cadboro Point. Two weeks ago Robyn and I couldn't paddle through here due to no water.

The great thing about living in Victoria is that we are only minutes away from the water in all directions so evening paddles are becoming more popular with us. Next up .... we are heading to Cowichan Bay on Sunday to paddle with Cowichan Bay Kayaks for a little refresher training.

2014 Paddle # 21 Cadboro Bay Playtime
Distance: 4.56 nm (8.44 km)
YTD: 109.83 nm (203.4 km)

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