Sunday, January 19, 2014

Coming Out Of Hibernation

WOW!!  It only took us 19 days into 2014 to finally get out onto the water for our first paddle of the year. Considering our volunteering schedule that past few weeks it felt like we were coming out of a hibernation of sorts ;-) as we participated in a SISKA Relaxed Paddle this weekend. 

Alan stops the group for one of his informative discussions

Launching from the Brentwood Bay, our group of 22 were lead by our Paddle Leader Alan Campbell who also played the role of tour guide along the way. Alan is known to be very articulate with his stories and for this paddle to McKenzie Bight he shared his knowledge of some of the history of the area. 

Being a relaxed paddle there really wasn't any rush to get to our lunch location at McKenzie Bight but most of the paddlers did notice the cool conditions that we had for the day especially when we stopped for one of Alan's stories. Over the past few months, Robyn and I have been used to building up heat in our bodies by paddling at a fairly good pace, but on this paddle we found ourselves resorting to our poggies on route to keep our hands warm. I even resorted to some winter gear after lunch. 

I don't care how it looks .... it is warm and that's all that counts!

We landed at McKenzie Bight and set up our lunch camp on a rocky knoll nearby with several of us using our Helinox folding chairs that are worth every penny. I think every time we have used them in a group someone tries ours and they are sold on them. 

After lunch Lorraine led some of the group through a yoga warm up on the beach before heading back towards Brentwood Bay. Some of us resorted to doing a little "energizer" paddle strokes just off the beach to build up the body heat. 

Gary Jacek bundled up in his recently acquired Wilderness. I wonder where he got the idea for a green kayak?? ;-)

Although just a wee bit late (for us), a good first paddle of 2014 but we have lots of other adventures on our kayak bucket list that we are looking forward to this year. 

2014 Paddle #1
Distance: 5.53 nm (10.24 km)
YTD: 5.53 nm (10.24 km)

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