Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank Goodness Out With The Old!!

Well the Christmas vacation wasn't what we had planned but it was still nice to get away and relax even though both of us had terrible doses of the flu that kept us off the water and on the couch for a few days. It wasn't that we didn't try for we even made it to Port Renfrew only to have to head back to camp when I got sick.

We did however manage enough strength to make it to Jordan River on New Year's Eve where we saw a lot of familiar faces having fun in the surf. Eager to try surf a bit we made our way out beyond the surf zone before deciding that it really wasn't a good idea when only feeling about 50% good .... if that.

Common sense dictated that maybe it was best to just watch and in hindsight that was a wise decision as ending up in the water without the energy to roll just wouldn't make for a good day. Jordan River will have to wait for another day ... in 2014.

2013 was another amazing year of paddling as we bought a couple of P&H Delphins to play in, went Greenland, figured out rolls, did a lot of kayak camping and love it, paddled with killer whales, played in big surf on the West Coast, took a whole bunch of courses with cool East Coast people, went to the Pacific Paddling Symposium and had a blast, fireworks by kayak, Nanaimo Paddlers we are, paddled to watch the Snowbirds, tried again to catch crab, caught fish, navigated through fog, played at Surge Narrows, paddled with Nice People to Paddle with and finished with 73 paddles .... 408.56 nm (775.05 km). The best part is that once again we paddled with a wonderful bunch of people who share the same passion (obsession?) as ours and we are grateful for their friendship.

So we leave 2013 behind and bring in 2014 wishing everyone we paddle with, those who follow our blog and our understanding family who now know that we have every gear-head safety gadget in our possession a very Happy New Year!!

2013 Paddle #73
Distance: 1.09 nm (2.01 km)
YTD: 408.56 nm (775.05 km)

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