Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Spaghetti Expedition Extended (posted by Robyn)

After a few busy weeks we finally got back into the kayaks for a long awaited paddle.  This was my first opportunity to paddle my new Delphin!  I've paddled Mark's before and it's exactly the same but this one was MINE!  And it was GREEN! This was also our first opportunity to try out one of my dehydrated "meals in a bag" in anticipation of our September 10-day kayaking tour around the Gulf Islands.

The Delphin's sure aren't mini vans compared to the Delta's

We launched from Brentwood Bay as we were going on a SISKA paddle there later that night.  Our good friend and yoga instructor Kathryn lives a few houses up from the ferry so we are lucky to be able to park in her driveway.  After a short visit and securing the Delphins onto their wheels we proceeded to load the kayaks with our supplies for dinner, plus gear for the night paddle.  Well, that was a shock for me! There's not too much room in this green Delphin!!!  My Delta holds everything including the kitchen sink and still has room to spare!  And who put this skeg box there??? Hmmmmm.

Once loaded, we wheeled down the street past the pub and launched.  We meandered our way north up to Coles Bay past all the beautiful homes.  Everyone was on their docks soaking up the sun and having a swim. What a glorious day to be on the water.

Not much beach at high tide but it was sure nice and warm!!
Once at Coles Bay we got out our little chairs and set up for dinner.  Unfortunately the tide was up and we only had about 2 feet of beach but that was OK since it was really hot, we got to soak our feet while we relaxed.  I got out the WhisperLite stove and boiled up some water, added my dehydrated hamburger, put on the lid and waited about 10 minutes.  Time for a taste.  To my surprise it was hamburger again!!

I boiled up a bit more water and added my dehydrated spaghetti, bell peppers and onions, put on the lid and waited another 10 minutes.  When I took off the lid to check I was really surprised!!!  The pot was FULL of spaghetti!!

So I dumped in the hamburger, gave it a stir and rang the dinner bell!    We sat down to the most amazing spaghetti and meat sauce dinner, compete with some Parmesan cheese.  I was over the moon!! And I think Mark was too!

OK .... Mark is sold on the dehydrated spags!!

After dinner and dishes we packed up again and paddled back to Brentwood Bay.  When we got back to the launch there were already about 6 people there for the SISKA paddle.

Our track from Brentwood Bay to Coles Bay

2013 Paddle #44 Spaghetti Feast
Distance:  7.82 nm (14.48)
YTD:  240.38 nm (445.18 km)

By the time we stretched our legs and changed into our immersion gear there were 13 paddlers ready to go. Mark and I changed over from our Werner's to our Greenland paddles for this leg of the journey.

The SISKA paddlers getting ready
Gary Jacek was our paddle leader, Mike Jackson was the pace setter and Alan Campbell was the sweep. After completing the "Beach Talk" to make sure everyone had the proper equipment etc. the group headed out onto the water.

Almost full moon as we paddled through Brentwood Bay
We all followed Mike through the marinas and into Todd Inlet. The weather had cooled down a bit so it was really nice and the water was flat calm.  Not too many boats were anchored but the Coast Guard was still making the rounds checking on each boat to make sure they had all the regulation safety equipment.

At the end of Todd Inlet all the Purple Martens were sitting on their nest boxes and having a singalong when we arrived.  Nice to see them enjoying this nice weather too!  At this point we all cracked our blue glow sticks that Gary had provided as it was just turning dusk.

Another great fireworks show. It always is great to see from a kayak.

We paddled back up to the fireworks viewing area and found a nice stretch of beach to pull up on.  Our kayak seats and paddle floats made comfy seats for the show.  The fireworks started right at 9:45 and it was spectacular!!  We did see a few sparks go down into the trees but the sprinkler system engaged right away so I guess they've got that all figured out.

No the trees weren't on fire. It's just the "low" part of the show in behind them

When it was over we all put on our navigation lights and headed back to the launch point.  No phosphorescence in the water tonight but it was still a beautiful evening to paddle.  By the time we arrived back on the beach at Brentwood Bay at 11:15pm we were totally exhausted but really happy to be able to go kayaking.

The SISKA Fireworks Paddle track

2013 Paddle #45 SISKA Fireworks
Distance:  3.15 nm (5.83)
YTD:  243.53 nm (451.01 km)

Next week we start our holidays so there will be lots more paddle days in our future!!

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