Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rollin, Rollin On The River

Yesterday it was moving day for us as we relocated our campsite to one of the view sites along the waterfront. After spending some time lying around in the sun we decided to put in a little rolling practice in the river. For Robyn this was her first time to try it in her Delphin since she last rolled in my Delphin back in June at the SISKA Camp Out. I could sense she was thinking, thinking, thinking. :-)

The river was super warm so we didn't need any immersion gear so I simply stood beside her as we worked through some of the techniques that are required to roll in a fluid fashion. Although Robyn just missed her first attempt, a few adjustments (HEAD) LOL and torso rotation resulted in her completing several on her own. She was pretty stoked coming back to camp for the evening. Rolling is quite simple if you don't over think it. Just Get 'Er Done!!! 

Nice work Honey!!!

2013 Paddle #47 River Work Made Easy
Distance:  Not Much nm ( Ditto km)
YTD:  255.69 nm (473.53 km)

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