Sunday, May 5, 2013

Go Kayak In The Pool

Taking a day off from being on the ocean it was time to work on some rolling elements with Yves of Go Kayak this evening. It was more of a fine tuning session as Robyn wanted to tweak her normal side roll while I wanted to establish my other side roll.

Arriving at the Crystal Pool at 6:00 pm in the late afternoon heat wave we were wondering why we were going inside instead of playing in the sunshine. The reason is pretty simple ... we booked our rolling session about a month ago and everyone knows that the weatherman can't forecast very well that far ahead in time.

Yves went to work on Robyn's "tweaking" and although there are a few elements that needed a bit of attention she is almost there on her normal side rolls. A few fitting adjustments in her boat allowed her to hip snap better and I could see progress as the session went on. Robyn was feeling a little frustrated at herself on the way home but I reminded her that this session was only the second time she had not used a paddle float. Sometimes it just takes a little bit longer but it will come.

As for me .... well it took a bit but I think I have the mechanics of my OTHER side roll now embedded in my noggin. Sure I missed a whole bunch of the other side rolls but I even managed to recover on my normal side a few times. Then there were those moments of everything coming together and I managed to bang off a few with just a little head assistance (2 %) LOL from Yves. It really was quiet simple when I relaxed, didn't think and went with the flow of the hip snap.

Overall, a really good session in the pool with Yves and we are looking forward to our next pool session next weekend with SISKA. Robyn will be participating in the Bracing clinic while I will be working on my rolls and self rescues as a drop in.

As Yves reminded us tonight, "The roll is the easiest self rescue to do but the hardest to learn". Boy .... when it works it sure is effective and almost effortless. Getting to that point will just take more time "In" the water.

2013 Paddle # 26 Pool Session with Go Kayak
Distance:  Zippo km  (Zippo nm)

YTD: 257.64 km (139.11 nm)

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