Friday, May 3, 2013

Early Summer Evening Paddle

Yesterday we participated in the SISKA's first ever "Evening Paddle" in the sheltered waters of Cadboro Bay. Mike Jackson was our paddle leader for the evening and it was great to see 16 paddlers turn up for the event of which there were many new faces.

The timing couldn't have better as the whole west coast is experiencing an early summer heat streak and last night we started the paddle in slightly overcast conditions. Over the next 90 minutes the skies cleared and we were bathed in a brilliant sunset.

The paddlers getting ready for Mike's pre-paddle beach talk.

Gary Jacek was the pacesetter and he lead us out NE side of the bay out past Flower Island towards 10 Mile Point. There was a little bit of a flood current to play in between 10 Mile Point as we started our crossing of the bay over towards Jemmy Jones Island that made it interesting for some of the paddlers.

Gary and Mike leading the group towards 10 Mile Point

Almost at the same time the evening summer sun started to show itself and boy did I wish that I had my sunglasses.

That sun was blinding but no arguments from the paddlers.

I think this is the first time that we have been on a paddle where a canoe was used instead of a kayak. Alan and Linda Thomson are very skilled canoeists as well as kayakers and they had no issue in keeping up with Gary at the front of the group.

Arriving at Cattle Point the view of the Olympic Mountains were stunning.

Heading back towards the put in location we detoured to visit the  S.A.L.T.S. Sail and Life Training Society ship Pacific Grace anchored in the bay. The deck was alive with kids experiencing a trip of a lifetime and it was neat to get up close for a few pictures.

My girl .... what a great picture!!

Heading back to the beach I took a few more pictures and this one is a bit of a political statement for Mike Jackson. I wonder who he is going to be voting for in the provincial election??  LOL

To sum it up .... a very popular paddle that SISKA needs to do more of.

2013 Paddle # 24 SISKA Cadboro Bay Evening Paddle
Distance:  6.82 km  (3.68 nm)

YTD: 243.38 km (131.41 nm)

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