Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's About Time

A short mid week update

Thursday night Robyn and I attended our first SISKA Elk Lake Romp to work on some skills that needed work and some that (I) have never tried before. Elk Lake at this time of year is nice and warm so it makes for the perfect opportunity to spend more time in the water than in your kayak.

Relaxing in the sun before the session starts. Check out those new  Columbia Sportswear
 Powerdrain shoes that  I won at the MEC Paddlefest. They are really light even when wet and
 will be perfect with my custom drysuit that should arrive next week from Kokatat. 

There were about 10 paddlers in total and everyone was working on all types of rescues and even Cowboy Larry was showing his cowboy scrambling techniques on every square inch of the kayak decking. I actually think he is confused to where his cockpit is!  LOL

Our mentor Sheila took me through the basics of rolling and then worked with me building up to me finally attempting it on my own. Robyn came along to be the official photographer and captured some good video footage on my last attempt. I was surprised to see that I came out of the water almost 3/4 the way through the roll but I also noted lots of errors that prevented me from completing it.

Sheila and I swapped kayaks and she was really surprised how easy it was to roll my Delta even though her feet couldn't reach my rudder peddles. Now if only I can do it as easy as her.  :-) Check out the video that we put together of the SISKA group having a little wet fun.

This coming week we are heading up to Nanaimo and will be staying at Living Forest Campground for a week. Lots of day trips planned so stay tuned for our next adventures.

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