Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Canada Day In The Gorge

A few weeks back John & Louise (Kayak Yak) invited us to paddle the upper Gorge and take in the Canada Day activities along the waterway. You know us .... hard to pass on a paddle opportunity so we joined them early Sunday morning to celebrate Canada's birthday from the water. 

The parking location at their house which is less than a block from the Victoria Canoe & Kayak Club (VCKC) was perfect as the Gorge Waterway was blocked off for the celebrations taking place later in the day. We simply carted our kayaks down the road from their place to the VCKC and we were on our way. 

Taking advantage of the calm shallow waters of the Gorge I worked on my edging and bracing skills in preparation for learning to roll in the coming weeks. After the paddle we loaded up the kayaks onto the truck and walked down to the waterway to check out what the vendors were selling.   

After reading John's post on Kayak Yak, I thought he did a really good job on the post (as always ;-) ) and instead of blogging about the the same trip I decided that I would share their blog link instead. John has become quite the photographer so make sure to check out the three successive pictures of the Blue Heron fishing..... Awesome! 

Happy 145th Birthday Canada!!! 

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