Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Weekend To Kick Back by Robyn Byrne

Since we have some kayak camping trips coming up, Mark and I decided to take our RV out to the Pedder Bay RV Resort for some relaxation time this weekend. We headed out after work on Thursday and pulled into our favorite waterfront site, made some appies for dinner and were in bed early after a busy work week.

Mark caught a bullhead so we weren't technically "skunked"
Friday morning we walked the kayaks down to the launch with fishing gear aboard and paddled out to the mouth of the bay to catch ourselves a big salmon that apparently are "so thick you can walk on them"!  HA I say!  Not only did we not catch one, we didn't see any of the other 20 fish boats out there catch one either!  After an hour or so we had a leisurely paddle back along the shoreline and lounged around with a drink in hand the rest of the day. 

Saturday we decided to forego the fishing and did a hike around Matheson Lake from the RV park. It was pretty hot and in hindsight we should have brought the kayaks and got some rolling practice in. Oh well, next summer perhaps. Back at camp it was more lounging and a drink(s) to conclude our weekend of just relaxing.

Next up, SISKA camp out at Portland Island. 

2015 Paddle #31 - Pedder Bay Salmon Fishing (HA!)
Distance: 4.53 nm (8.39 km)
YTD: 256.15 nm (474.39 km)

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