Sunday, May 10, 2015

Catching Up

Since our last post back in March, both Robyn and I have been burning the candle at both ends so to speak trying to balance our work and play schedules. Simply put ... life kinda got very hectic through the month of April as we prepared for our Paddle Canada assessments at the end of the month. 

Something had to give during that time and unfortunately I couldn't find the time to write about a few of the training paddles that we managed to squeeze in before our personal challenges took place. The thought of not writing about our paddles weighed heavily on me as the posts have been our personal journal to date. Now that we have completed our assessments, it's time to get back to writing about our adventures. 

To catch up on our activities over the past month I have decided to post the track of each paddle with a brief description. My Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level 1 Instructor and Robyn's Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level 3 assessments will be a full post that should be completed by this coming weekend.

Gordon Head
On March 28th we joined Gary and Jane Jacek on a paddle from Telegraph Bay along the Gordon Head shoreline exploring some of the rock gardens and exposed sea caves. We had a nice lunch on the beach before heading back to the put in as Robyn worked on her forward paddle strokes, edging and rolling.

2015 Paddle #11 - Gordon Head
Distance: 5.89 nm (10.90 km)
YTD: 90.83 nm (‪159.43 km)

Pedder Bay
We spent the Easter weekend at Pedder Bay RV Resort and paddled with Kevin and Cindy Searle. Kevin would also be taking his PC Level 3 at the same time as Robyn so it was a good opportunity for both of them to work on refining a number of skills. Cindy also completed a few self rescues for the first time and spent a fair amount of time underwater (planned) completing rolls and reentry rolls. Boy that girl can hold her breath long underwater!! 

2015 Paddle #12 - Pedder Bay
Distance: 2.58 nm (4.77 km)
YTD: 93.41 nm (‪164.20 km)

Gabriola & Dodd Narrows
On April 12th we joined Dave Nichols (Blue Dog Kayaking), Susie Marsh, Reale Emond and Kevin Searle for a paddle to Gabriola Pass to play in the currents. It was a great opportunity for Robyn and Kevin to practice their skills (and rolls) in the currents for Paddle Canada Level 3 conditions. Both of them did an amazing job and on the way back our group decided to make a run through Dodd Narrows on the ebb flow. A long day on the water but the current work was well worth it.

2015 Paddle #13 - Gabriola & Dodd Narrows Passes
Distance: 12.42 nm (23.00 km)
YTD: 105.83 nm (‪171.53 km)

Whiffen Spit to Cabin Point
While I was attending my PC Instructor assessment, Robyn joined the Nanaimo Paddlers on April 18th for a day trip from Whiffen Spit to Cabin Point. As she told me, it was an interesting day especially around Cabin Point in the tide race when a couple of assisted rescues were performed and towing was required. What better timing with her PC Level 3 course coming up the following weekend! :-)

2015 Paddle #14 - Cabin Point
Distance: 9.92 nm (18.37 km)
YTD: 115.75 nm (‪189.90 km)

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