Friday, October 10, 2014

Practice Time ..... Really?

Well it has been an amazing summer of completing our first "big" multi day trip on the west coast and spending a lot of time practicing for our Paddle Canada certifications that we recently completed. One might think it would be time to take a break and just paddle a bit ...... heck no it's time to work on refining some skills in the tropical conditions of the local pool!

Robyn and I were back at it again last Sunday focusing on her rolling which she completed several times on her own (nice!) and a number of other self and assisted rescues that are now part of our skill set. There were only 8 of us in the pool for this session which also included the members of the Bunsby 2014 expedition so there was lots of space to work on a lot of things including paddle strokes.

Normally we launch by climbing into the kayak from the pool deck which really is a pain in the butt so we decided to just start off with a self rescue reentry. 

This coming weekend we are heading to the Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina for a little R&R but I have a feeling that Robyn wants to do some ocean rolls. Go figure .... she wants to get her PC Level 3 next year and I'm looking at getting my PC Level 1 Instructor certification. Looks like more practice time is on the agenda! LOL

2014 Paddle # 49 - Pool Practice Time
Distance: Going in circles
YTD: 254.77 nm (471.82 km)

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