Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chatham / Discovery Island Exploration

While the rest of Canada was still in winter mode, Robyn and I joined Gary, Lynn and Morley last Sunday for day trip to the Chatham's and Discovery Island group. Launching from Gyro Park in Cadboro Bay our plan was simply to enjoy the brilliant early summer like conditions and do a little exploring of the islands.

Gary, Lynn and myself gearing up for the day. Although warm, immersion wear is a must when making open water crossings.

Hugging the shoreline we headed towards 10 Mile Point to assess the conditions in Baynes Channel before making the crossing over to Strongtide Island.

Lynn paddles through the Cadboro Point islets before heading into Baynes Channel. The radio towers on Stongtide Island in 
the distance are great range guides to judge how the current is working against you. 

Today there was just a noticeable ebb flow as we made the crossing and started to explore the passage between the main Chatham Islands. Robyn and I noted that this was our first time taking this route which also gave us a better chance of maybe seeing the coastal wolf that now resides on the the islands. 

Heading towards Discovery Island with the Olympic mountains peaking above the clouds.

After reaching Discovery Island we continued along the eastern shoreline towards our lunch stop in Rudlin Bay. We were kind of surprised not to see any other kayakers here today considering how great the weather was.

I never get tired of pictures of kayaks at rest on Discovery Island.

It didn't take long for the discussion at lunch to turn to "I wish we had our tent" and it got us thinking about maybe camping next weekend.

New picnic tables and food caches are now in place at the campsite. 

Robyn and I did a little exploring of the campground for a possible future adventure and noticed all the wildflowers that were starting to blossom. In a few more weeks the grassy meadow should be a sea of color.

After lunch it was time to start making our way back towards Cadboro Bay. One of the things that I noticed was how many eagles were present around the islands. This immature eagle didn't seem to mind us as we paddled into Plumper Passage.

The crossing back to Cadboro Point was very relaxing with on a hint of the ebb current. April 6th and it is almost like summer here on the west coast. What a place to live and paddle!

Gary and Lynn admire the beauty that we call our paddling playground.

Once again .... we didn't see the wolf. My guess is that she could see us though being the resident caretaker of the islands. :-)

2014 Paddle #5  Cadboro Bay to Discovery Island
Distance: 9.51 nm (17.61 km)
YTD: 29.66 nm (54.93 km)

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