Monday, November 11, 2013

Weir's Beach Cachin'

We spent the Remembrance Day long weekend at Weir's Beach RV Resort to just unwind a bit..... once we finally got settled for the second time. There's nothing like a trip back home on a Friday evening in rush hour to pick up the TV / Shaw controller that we forgot. :-) LOL

No tent for us this weekend! 

Other than heading out on a coastline paddle we just hung around the camp and went for a walk over to the Lester B Pearson College of The Pacific to do a little scouting for the 2014 Pacific Paddling Symposium. On the way we also did a little Geocaching by land and I used the time to write the blog entries from our Surge Narrows experience.

Robyn with another successful Geocache find by water

On Sunday we headed out for a paddle towards Albert Head catching the last of the flood on the outbound leg and riding the ebb with the increasing SE wind pushing us back to camp. Along the way we located a water accessible Geocache on the beach and then headed towards Witty's Lagoon where we spotted a naked man cleaning up driftwood (sorry no pictures as this is a family friendly blog) LOL. For the life of us we couldn't figure out why a naked dude would be out in the cold wind with a hint of showers in the middle of November!

Robyn has a chuckle seeing the nude dude, me..... it's more like OMG!!

But then I saw the sign spray painted in yellow <<< NAKED <<<< on a log pointing towards his location.
Seems that we stumbled across one of Victoria's Clothing Optional beaches. OK, I can appreciate (those of you who know me don't laugh) the fact that nude beaches exist but holy cow what was the guy thinking of doing it in November??? You know what happens when it's cold out?? Enough of that short story. :-)

Near Witty's Beach Robyn tried to locate another Geocache but kept getting interrupted by "mugglers" (people close by) who were heading towards the yellow sign. What the heck were they thinking??? It's November for heavens sake!!

While Robyn was doing her best to find the Geocache, I did a little surfing on the rollers running across the sand bar at the entrance to the lagoon. It was great to use some of the surf skills that I learned while we were at Surge Narrows.

We also did a little exploring of the rocky shoreline and noticed that there were lots of sandpiper looking birds that we hadn't noticed before. It turns out that they were Rock Sandpipers whose migration route brings them to the south coast for the winter all the way from their summer range of northern Alaska. I think it is pretty amazing that they travel so far and back again.

The Rock Sandpipers didn't seem to not mind us at all.

With the current starting to ebb we rode a back eddy all the way to Albert Head and got a look of the City of Victoria before making the turn to head back to camp. On the way we stopped at the Twin Islands to stretch our legs where I performed the perfect wet exit out of my kayak in less than 1 foot of water! Robyn heard the commotion behind her but better yet the GoPro captured it.

Graceful huh?

After a quick stretch and a laugh we then made a direct route for camp as the wind was starting to pick up. With the wind and current coming directly from behind us we spent a lot of energy just keeping our kayaks on course surfing on the waves. Of course it was nice gong back to the warm RV though :-)

2013 Paddle #70 Geocaching By Water 
Distance:  7.93 nm (14.68 km)
YTD:  392.43 nm (745.18 km)

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  1. That was an awesome kayak experience of yours! This journal of yours inspires me to take my friends to paddle on this area too. I want to try it myself.

    Good luck for your future adventure! I wish you all the best :)