Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gecko Paddler Adventure Tours

In our wildest dreams would we ever thought that we would be able to take four relatively new kayakers out for a paddle with us and they would see something that they would never forget. Best of all ... no sightseeing whale boat required.

After changing our plans to go kayak camping for the Thanksgiving long weekend we are back at the Pedder Bay RV Resort. Our RV camping buddies Dave and Kelly are also here and fellow geocachers / new kayakers Drew and Marie Fidoe came for a paddle with the four of us today. Our goal was pretty simple ... a real lazy paddle up one side of the bay and back down the other. 

Paddling along the west side of the bay towards Watt Point we explored the rock gardens just showing themselves in the rising tide. I think we all heard that distinctive blow sound that could only be one thing and sure enough across the bay near Weir Point there were orca! Less than 150 meters away two orca were slowly making their way out of the shallow confined waters of the bay towards William Head. 

Exploring the little bays towards William Head, the orca were searching for seals in the little bay just before Ned Point where the corrections facility is located. They rapidly started crossing back and forth around the rock islets where we have seen many seals before and then disappeared around William Head. When we arrived at the point we found the seals tucked into the nooks and crannies of the islets that protected them from the orca. It was interesting to watch the seals as they refused to enter the water when we paddled by and they sure had a "scared" look. I don't blame them.

Whale boat in the distance with myself, Drew and Marie near William Head

Funny thing was that we could see whale watching tour boats running back and forth near Race Rocks in the distance. We, in our human powered watercraft had just experienced something special that I think we will all remember for a long time. After reaching the tip of William Head our group got a view of downtown Victoria in the sunshine and it was time for us to head across the bay and make our way back towards the marina.

Heading across Pedder Bay in a nice tight group towards the DND dock.

As we made our way along the shoreline the sun broke through the clouds and warmed us up. Passing the DND dock Kelly spotted the two orca again following the course that we had just done crossing the bay. If we had just spent a few more minutes before crossing the bay we probably would have got another visit from the orca.

The rest of the paddle was a chance for the group to explore the shoreline and I took advantage of the slow pace to work on some rolls and strokes with my Greenland paddle. We made our way into the marina where Marie found a water accessible geocache close by. Drew was checking out an eagle that we spotted close by while Dave and Kelly explored the slough a bit more. While Marie was locating the geocache I tried out my new integrated Greenjacket PFD tow system on Robyn. I was really pleased how easy it was to use and most importantly it didn't tug on my lower back.  

Who's eagle eyeing who? Drew watches an eagle keeping close watch on the marina fish cleaning station

Dave & Kelly ... starting to become pros in the rental gear. Maybe it's time to take that next step?? ;-)

Robyn and Marie geocaching by water

An awesome day on the water with Gecko Cacher Adventure Tours. BTW .... Weir Point will now forever be known to us as Killer Whale Point.

2013 Paddle #63 Gecko Paddler Adventure Tours
Distance:  4.93 nm ( 9.13 km)
YTD:  354.85 nm ( 675.60 km)


  1. I'll definitely remember this day for a very long time! Just one more thing to be thankful for on this long Thanksgiving weekend.

  2. That was a lot of fun huh? We are glad that you and Drew could join us on one of our adventures.