Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SISKA Relaxed Evening Paddle #2

Blog post by Robyn

Tuesday evening was a SISKA 'Very Relaxed Paddle' hosted by Mike Jackson. Eighteen paddlers met at Cadboro Bay beach and headed counter-clockwise around the bay. It was a bit breezy to start but the sun was out so that warmed it up. We meandered through the marina and poked our kayaks into little bays until we reached Cattle Point.

The group working our way single file through the marina

As there were some new faces in the crowd, Mike took the time to point out various locations and let us know the origin of their names.  We crossed over from Cattle Point to Flower Island with the wind at our back which made for a nice surfy ride. As this was my first time paddling the Delphin for any length of time I took full advantage of the plastic hull to scrape some rocks and practice all the maneuvering I learned over the past few weeks. I quite enjoyed the Delphin and think I may have to paddle it more often!!

Chatham and Discovery Islands in the background made for a great scenic paddle

Mark was delegated as 'sweep' for this paddle so he followed behind the group in his Delta. I think he wanted to come and play with me!!

Mark & Gary provide "sweep" coverage keeping an eye on the paddlers.

After returning to the beach and loading up the kayaks, a bunch of us headed over to the pub for a late dinner. This was the second SISKA evening paddle and they sure seem to be popular. I really enjoy going out in my kayak after working all day. A great way to unwind.

2013 Paddle #38 - SISKA Evening Paddle #2
Distance:  6.71 km (3.62 nm)
YTD:  380.00km (205.18 nm)


  1. Hi Robyn and Mark, always appreciate the accounts of your time on the water. You are absolutely tireless! :) Enthusiasm is contagious...and thanks for that. :) Duncan.

    1. Thanks Duncan, well I never thought it would happen but the doc has told me to stay out of the kayak seat for a couple of weeks. That should fix my tingling in my feet he says. :-) LOL Back on the water next week just in time for the long weekend.