Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Foggy Brentwood Lazy Paddle

Well ..... there goes January which means Spring is just around the corner. Really??

We have been really quite in terms of kayaking in January but our good excuse is that Robyn and I went to Disney World in Florida for a week to soak up some sun and get away from our soggy climate. Luck would have it that I came down with a doozy of a head cold while on vacation and Robyn got the bug once we returned home. The rest of January we spent trying to get back to normal and after not being on the water for 3 weeks (a record for us) it was time for a lazy paddle to get our 2013 paddling season going.

On Saturday we decided to head to Brentwood Bay and give our paddling muscles a chance to limber up for a couple hours as we paddled through the marinas and into Tod Inlet before crossing the mouth of the bay back to our put in location. Other than the Brentwood Bay to Mill Bay ferry there was no other boat traffic to be seen or heard during our excursion. I can't remember when Brentwood Bay was so quite as during the summer months it is a bee hive of activity especially during fireworks season at Butchart Gardens.

Robyn ... It's good to be back in the boat!

Not only was there a lack of a human presence about but there were so few water fowl today. Usually there are lots of jelly fish and sea stars to look at as well but with the recent rains, the sediment plume clouded the visibility to only a few feet below the surface. Other than this paddle giving us the opportunity to flex our muscles, it was a typical mid winter foggy day with nothin much happening. Still it was good to be back in the kayaks.

Sunday we did a little scouting by car along Dallas Road and stopped at the viewpoints looking over Enterprise Channel and Trial Islands. Next weekend the tides are perfect for paddle over to Trail Island which will be a first for us.

We are also starting to make plans for our busy 2013 paddling season and it won't be long before we are kayak camping again. One of goals for the year is a multi-day trip to either the Broken Group or the Deer Group near the end of May. Of course ... we'll be blogging our adventures as we go.

2013 Paddle #2
Distance: 9.54 km
YTD: 26.54 km

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