Monday, November 12, 2012

Remembering At Weir's Beach

The Remembrance Day long weekend is upon us and although we are spending the time at Weir's Beach, our thoughts are for those who have served this great nation and paid the ultimate sacrifice. As I write this blog entry I think  about members of Canada's armed forces who are stationed around the world protecting people in very tough conditions. Many times we take over service men and women for granted but they are the ones who fight for our freedom at home. Wherever you are ........ Thank You!

Our paddling plans for the weekend really had no plans at all other than check the currents, tides, wind and weather and see where each of those conditions would take us. Yesterday waking up to the first hint of frost after a chilly night we decided to paddle to Albert Head which is about half way to the Victoria inner harbour from our beach. Bundled up in our dry suits, pogies and warm fuzzy hats we headed out in the glorious sunshine.   

The currents and wind were perfect for the paddle especially on the way back when there was very little resistance on our Werner's. With no strokes we managed to do around 4 km/h and with gentle strokes reached over 7 km/h and it made for a nice lazy day outing.

Sunday the predicted 25-30 knot winds and rain played havoc on our paddling plans and although the rain wasn't a concern there was no way we could get out on the water to play in the surf. I keep my kayak ready just in case there was a glimmer of hope and even when Sheila and Neil arrived for dinner it was obvious that  playing on the water was not in the cards.

Of course ..... Monday was time to pack up and leave and the skies were clear and the water dead calm. It figures!!!!  It was still nice to get away and we have booked into the campground right after Christmas to celebrate New Years. The nice thing about Weir's Beach is that it gives us a few options to paddle depending on the weather. To the west is the Sooke Basin and of course Jordan River and to east all of the Victoria waterfront. Either way we are only a short drive to possible put in locations.

Hopefully we can get out on the water next weekend but I have a feeling we are in for a run of bumpy weather typical of this time of year. In the meantime ...... Happy Paddling!!

Paddle #75

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