Thursday, September 6, 2012

365 Days

Our kayaking adventure began 365 days ago when we rented a couple of kayaks at the Pedder Bay RV Resort and the rest is history or should we say documented in our blog. This weekend we are returning (site  #59) to where it all began, but this time we have our own trusty rides that have taken us on 60 individual adventures. That first upside down wrong way paddle stroke in the rentals will forever be remembered along with how hard we fell in love with this amazing pastime. We didn't have a clue what we were doing that first day on the water but since then so many people have been instrumental in our growth and passion to be on the water.

First off a big thanks to the folks at Ocean River Sports who have provided excellent guidance and customer service in outfitting us with our Delta kayaks and gear. Special thanks to Gary Doran, Gary Allen and Janette Galan who took a couple of newbies under their wings and started our skill set development.

This past January we made contact with SISKA President Sheila Porteous and went to our first club meeting where many friendships started to develop along the way through group paddles or club endorsed events. Sheila became our mentor and patiently offered insight, constructive advice and encouraged us to continuously build our skills and have fun doing it. In other words ...... Get 'Er Done!!!   Thanks coach!!!

Yves Aquin of Go Kayak has refined some of our existing skills and helped us learn new ones while building our confidence to handle different water conditions that we have come across recently. Thank you Yves for trying to polish a couple of diamonds in the rough so to speak.

To all our new paddling friends that we have met along the way ....... you have all made the adventure so special and we thank you for being part of it. Many of you we have only met through our blog or blogs we are following or just on Facebook the kayaking social media site (LOL). We look forward to actually meeting you in person one day to share stories over our favourite beverage. To all of our existing friends and family, thank you for following our our adventure this past 365 days. But be warned ....... there are more adventures to come so if you wonder what we are up to just keep coming back to Gecko Paddler.

Mark & Robyn

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  1. You have accomplished a lot to be proud of in a mere 365 days. Just keep paddling. Where You live you have access to some amazing paddling, and it is great that you are making use of it.