Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thanks For Reading!

Heading into this weekend’s South Island Sea Kayaking Association (SISKA)  3rd Annual Campout we received great news via Paddling Otaku. It turns out that our blog has made's top 13 list of along with fellow Vancouver Island bloggers OCEANPAX paddle / run and John‘s Kayak Adventures.

Receiving recognition for our blog is greatly appreciated but it is something we never have sought out nor was it our goal when we started writing. Our blog was simply created to record our kayaking experience from the day we started this amazing adventure 8 months ago. Knowing that we are reaching many people around the world gives us great pleasure. Thank you for following our journey.

On another note, a few months ago I started toying with the idea of some sort of battery “back pack” for recharging our electronics devices while on extended paddles. The need to ensure our iPhone, GoPro Hero 2, Sony E Reader or anything capable of USB charging has been lingering in my mind for some time now.

Well it turns out that when we purchased our iPhone 4’s this past weekend at Future Shop we qualified for a free electronic accessory each. Looking though what was available we noticed something called a Universal Portable Power Bank. Immediately my “Gear Head” antenna went crazy because what I had in my hand was exactly what I was trying to create from parts from my R/C flying days.

Made by a company called LEI Electronics Inc. the Proline Universal High Power Portable Power Bank is one slick compact unit that can charge (2) hand held devices via USB ports. It can also be used as a power source for continuous playback while connected to your favourite tech gadgets.

Although at the time of writing this blog I have only recharged our iPhone(s) I was impressed with it’s performance. Here are some of the specs and features

Storage Capacity: 6600 mAh Li-Polymer
Input: 5VDC USB 500 mA
Output: 5VDC USB1: 1 Amp / USB2: 2.1 Amp
Dimensions: 4.96 x 2.59 x .78 (inches)
Weight: 4.58 oz
Retail Price: $49.99

Auto shut off if no load is detected (charging is complete)
Blue LED (1-4) for charge status
Talk Time: (3G) Up to 23 Hours
Internet Use: (3G) Up to 19 hours, Wi-Fi Up to 32 Hours
Audio Play Back: Up to 182 hours
Video Play Back: Up to 32 hours

* Of course charging and usage times will vary depending on the device’s power consumption.

We’ll give the Proline Power Bank a work out this weekend and see how it performs. Oh yeah ….. We took two of them since they were free accessories!  LOL


  1. Whats the verdict?! I'm eyeing one up right now! I wondering also if I can charge it from the wall or only through USB?

  2. Hi Kate, it worked great this past weekend and although it doesn't mention charging through 110v (the wall)in the instructions, I did it anyway using my Blackberry wall charger. As I suspected the wall charger got a little warm but the Power Bank didn't detect any heat.

    As for performance, I charged my iPhone 4 times when it reached 50% on the screen and the Power Bank only dropped to the 75% charge remaining. I also topped up my e-reader without any issues as well.

    Yes I was pleased with it and it would be great for those kayaking trips. I'm using it again this weekend while we are camped in the RV at a site with no power.