Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Relaxing Easter Paddle

Almost a year ago we and the Reaville's (Dave & Kelly) booked the waterfront deck sites at Pedder Bay RV Resort with intentions of staying with them for the Easter long weekend but due to family issues we had to cancel the trip for this year. So last night I managed to convince Robyn to take a break from the recent hectic week and head out to visit Dave & Kelly with kayaks in tow. Dave & Kelly were all over the idea of renting kayaks and taking a nice relaxed paddle in the bay since the winds were blowing really good past William Head.

Our first stop was to get a photo with the DHC Beaver beached at low tide. Dave has flown many of these airplanes up and down the West Coast and I make parts for them at Harwood Custom Composites so we both have interests in them.  In fact... Dave proposed to Kelly in a Beaver while she was flying it. :-)

The low tide brings out many critters who scavenge for tasty seafood treats. I think this is the first time we have seen a raccoon doing this and he had no problem in letting me gently glide up to him to get his picture. 

I let Dave and Robyn have a few strokes with my new Werner Ikelos and once in the hands of Robyn I had to chase her down to get it back. I guess she likes it ..... See honey, I told you how nice it would be. LOL :-)

Come back with my paddle!!!

Keeping an eye on the wind conditions and the water which was showing some pretty good white caps off the head we hugged the shoreline and did a little rock garden navigation. It was a good opportunity to explain to the group of the terrain that I was paddling in during Friday's current runs except today there was no current here. I think they might have been able to visualize the elevation changes of the water when it pushed through small rocky islets like this one.

Heading across the bay with the wind at our back our speed increased as noted on the track below. We paddled our way back down the west side of the bay and came across the two swans that make Pedder Bay their home. Robyn and I have seen them before but never this far out but we figured it was probably due to the extremely low time back near the marina. 

Paddling back to the marina Robyn was pleased as punch at my recent "Gear Head" purchase. Nearing the RV site we got Dave to take a picture of our new "wheels" for the kayaks. Sure beats lifting fully loaded boats and it leaves a free hand for a cold beer on the walk back to camp.  LOL


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