Monday, March 19, 2012

Meandering The Weekend Away

The much anticipated Ocean River Gear Up took place on over the weekend and we headed down bright and early Saturday morning in hopes of getting a few bargains. One of the things we were looking for was a back up paddle and I figured it was time to upgrade my primary propulsion unit to a Werner at the same time.  

At 10am sharp the entrance to the outdoor sales area opened and I meandered my way to the Werner display rack to check what might be available. Speaking with a Werner factory rep it confirmed my decision to change to a high angle, carbon mid size blade paddle that would assist me in reaching some of my future paddling goals. Although there were a number of great deals on the selection of paddles, in terms of available lengths they didn't meet my sizing requirements. That seems to be the case when you are looking for a deal on sales items.

Meandering into the main storefront I checked out the available Werner's and found a couple (210cm Cyrpus and a 210cm Ikelos) that were both the same price but only discounted 10%. So after meandering back and forth from the outside area and into the storefront a few times to hold the Werner's, it just wasn't in the stars that one would be coming home with us. However we did pick up a few items that we also wanted and in particular I was looking for a paddling helmet that I could mount my GoPro Hero2 on. Bingo!! A great deal on a Pro Tec Paddling Helmet and I loved the color as well.

Since we would be on site during the morning we also volunteered our services to man the SISKA information tent for an hour. Although the Gear Up wasn't overly busy we did have a few people stop by but for the most part it was pretty quiet. We bumped into John and Louise of Kayak Yak and John managed to get a photo of us doing our part.

Sunday morning we woke to overcast skies and calm wind conditions so after checking the marine forecasts along with the tides and current conditions we decided to launch out of  Gyro Park and spend sometime meandering the rock gardens towards the Oak Bay Marina. Along the way I explained to Robyn how to "edge" her kayak and before I knew it she was making it happen.

Our first exploration was some of the causalities of last week's wind storm that hit the West Coast. This sail boat was one of the lucky ones as some were completely capsized. The power of the wind is amazing when it unleashes its fury.

Sad to see someone's pride and joy in this condition.

Navigating our way through the Victoria Yacht Club I had to be careful when we went under the gangways. It was a great opportunity to use my yoga forward folds so that the GoPro Hero 2 didn't get knocked off the helmet that I bought on Saturday. From a picture / video capturing perspective having the camera mounted this way enables me to simply turn my head instead of turning the kayak. This could be very beneficial in inclement weather conditions when you really don't want to be broadside to waves trying to get a picture with the camera deck mounted.

Today was a good day to explore the many islets close to the shoreline that are a stones throw from the many mansions lining the shore line heading into Oak Bay. As much as the houses are amazing, I find it hard to understand why people need such large dwellings with rooms they probably never use. This property even had a anchor, chain and the hand winch like on sailing ships of the late 1800's. The rusted remains blend right into the surround rock work and this is the first time that I have noticed it.

Meandering our way to Cattle Point we took a look at the conditions on the west side where the wind was blowing pretty good with whitecaps breaking regularly. We decided this would be our turn around point and the perfect opportunity to land at a secluded beach not exposed to the wind. The sun was amazing as it soaked into our bodies as we enjoyed a hot lunch while watching sail boats racing by.

Check out the pool noodle that I scavenged off a public beach. Ya can never have enough noodles!!  LOL 

Sometimes just being on the water having a really relaxed paddle while meandering into every rock garden and just enjoying the moment is a great way to spend the day. That's the great thing about kayaking .... so many ways to experience meandering on the sea.

Meandering 101 near the end of winter 2012

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  1. Hi Mark and Robyn...sounds like an excellent weekend, indeed. That's been our experience over the years, no two outings on the water are ever the same. Every time we launch, whether we've been there a dozen times or not, there's something new, something fresh to experience. And always just great to be out! Keep on paddlin'! D.