Wednesday, February 15, 2012

GoPro Hero 2 About To Go Wireless

Great news from GoPro at the CES in Las Vegas for us GoPro Hero 2 owners! The much anticipated Wi-Fi backpack will be released near the end of March and will be able to control up to 50 individual GoPro cameras at the same time for those serious gear heads! Honey..... I need another Hero 2!!

Why such a big deal?? If you are like me, your GoPro might be mounted on your kayak and the only way to access the controls is while you are not in the cockpit. This means that what ever mode (video, pictures etc.) you have selected at the start of your paddle that's it unless your paddling buddy triggers the controls for you or you exit your kayak either on a beach or (not recommended) performing a wet exit to change the camera options. :-)

I like the convenient wrist band remote which can be also be attached to your PFD or any other convenient location within reach while you are in the cockpit. Another great option is that you will be able to control your Hero 2 by your smartphone via the WiFi BacPac and stream video directly to the web. So in effect your GoPro Hero 2 can be used as a HD mobile web cam. One thing not mentioned in the video clip is that battery / memory usage should be more efficiently utilized resulting in less editing at the end of a day and more quality pictures  / video captured.

Price?? As mentioned in the video the Wi-Fi backpack combo will retail at $99 US so if you are like me that will run about $120 Canadian before taxes. Is it worth it? I think it is a must for any GoPro Hero 2 owner to fully take advantage of all of the options that this great little camera has to offer. 

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